Serger notions & supplies

These are my favorite serger notions and supplies I have on hand all the time.


3 1/2" double eyed needle
I have several of these so that I never have hunt them down.  I use this needle for weaving in ends; it is so quick and easy to use.

Ribbon Weaving Needles, 4", 6", 8"

These extra long needles are great for keeping narrow ribbons flat while weaving them through flatlock stitches or bridging.


I use the thread cutter on my serger most of the time, but when I need scissors, it's so handy to have these around my neck.  They are super sharp and will even snip through a fairly heavy rolled hem without any trouble.


Robison Anton serger thread

I've used Maxi-Lock thread for years, and although it worked well in my serger, I was never pleased with the roughness of the thread.  I tried Robison Anton thread and it is wonderful.  It is smooth and strong, and serges beautifully. I use it for my heirloom projects as well as my every day projects.

Currently available from

Sulky Blendables

Sulky Blendables 12 wt and 30 wt cotton threads are wonderful for edgings and decorative stitching.  I especially like the 12 wt for blanket stitch edgings on fleece blankets.  I have also seen it used for smocking, and it was beautiful.

 Jenny Haskins Rayon Embroidery Threads

Jenny Haskins threads come on a cone, with lots of yardage.  They are strong and give great coverage.  I like using them doubled when I create a rolled hem, for a shiny effect.